Phat Family Records presents B.Q.E.

Representing NYC Underground Hip-Hop and the LGBT

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Understand/Overstand (J. Muscat - S. Smalls)
2003 B.Q.E. / Phat Family Records

Fast Forward (S. Smalls - J. Muscat)
2003 B.Q.E. / Phat Family Records

Available on the Phat Family Records CD B.Q.E.

  Phat Family
PHAT FAMILY is an international community of hip-hop artists, DJs, producers, writers and fans of hip-hop music and culture who "represent the 10 percent." We produce music, compilation CDs, listings and events and also moderate an Internet mailing list for discussion of issues pertaining to hip-hop and homosexuality.
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Powered by is the premiere news and information source for the gay hip-hop fan. The site promotes LGBT talent within any of the hip-hop elements and provides informative resources, news, forums, music and events for the gay hip-hop community, as well as those with an unbiased love of hip-hop music and no social phobias towards diversity.

Sugartruck Recordings
San Francisco-based record label founded by Juba Kalamka (aka Pointfivefag) specializing in Homohop, Spokenweird and other cultural missives from Black LGBT folk and their friends and allies. Their website includes information on current releases as well as photos, lyrics, links and artist resources.

Da Dis List
Da Dis List is an archive of hip-hop/rap songs with anti-gay lyrical content, as compiled by members of the Phat Family mailing list, including everything from casual insults such as "faggot" or "dyke" to songs which openly advocate violence against LGBT people. It is intended not as a blacklist or censorship, but rather as a resource to inform discussion of issues of gender and sexual identity in hip-hop.

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